The partnership helps end users unlock the value of Office 365realizing their full potential in the new digital world. 

EUGENE, Ore., December 12, 2018– Nulia, the Digital Enablement pioneer, is pleased to announce that UpTime Sciences, a top 5% Microsoft Worldwide partner, is joining the fast-growing group of Nulia partners in sparking the Digital Enablement movement. Together Nulia and UpTime Sciences have a joint purpose to help end users unlock the full value of Microsoft Office 365, digitally empowering them to work more productively and realize organizational potential.

Nulia unlocks the value of digital technology investments, taking a new approach called Digital Enablement. Nulia goes beyond training by using a proven playbook and platform to measure, personalize, guide and reward users to get them to deeply adopt and maximize use of today’s SaaS solutions.

UpTime Sciences invests in people, processes and technology that allow businesses to grow,  always seeking to provide end users with the knowledge and skills to use the world’s leading digital technologies. By combining Microsoft Office 365 with Nulia’s QuickStart Enablement Sessions, UpTime Sciences is making it possible for organizations and their end users to quickly and cost effectively use the leading communications, collaboration and productivity tools available today.

“At Uptime Sciences, we see a lot of organizations interested in investing in Microsoft Office 365.  A primary hesitation is the fear of not having a clear path to helping end users unlock the full value of their Office 365 investment,” said UpTime Sciences CTO Jared Swezey. “As our customers come to understand the Nulia digital enablement approach, they immediately gain confidence that their users will develop new skills to do their work in better ways.  Office 365 with Nulia is a true differentiator for our customers and game changer for our business.”

With this partnership, Nulia and UpTime Sciences will immediately launch a bundle of Microsoft Office 365 and Nulia’s QuickStart Enablement Sessions focusing on mid and large enterprise customers across the US. Nulia’s Digital Enablement Guides will provide QuickStart Enablement Sessions to end users, helping them learn the features and functions of Microsoft Office 365 so they can develop and demonstrate new skills to thrive in the modern workplace.

“We are excited to have Uptime Sciences join Nulia’s Digital Enablement movement, as they embrace the need for a modern approach to unlock the full value of Office 365.  We look forward to working with UpTime Science’s customers to help end users maximize their potential to work more productively and drive business growth” said Nulia CEO Steve Zimba.   For more information about Nulia’s Digital Enablement solutions, please visit For more information about UpTime Sciences Office 365 solutions, please visit

About Nulia:

Nulia is a digital enablement pioneer, what Microsoft calls ‘adoption and change management.’ According to a recent 1E report, over 38% of SaaS software is either under-used or not used at all, totaling $247 per user in wasted software investment. Our mission is to unlock the value of software and digital technology, to digitally empower people and organizations to fulfill their potential. We focus on enablement because training is simply not enough. We’re headquartered in Eugene, Oregon.


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