Digital Transformation Is Only

Possible With Digital Enablement

Our Story

A Dirty Little Secret: 50% of Modern Digital Technologies are Wasted

When Steve and Michele Zimba founded Nulia together with Jim Shephard, Jon Kubu, Martin Booth, Brian Murphy, and Cary Torkelson, they started with a simple question: “What now?”  They wondered, “How do we unlock value for buyers and sellers? How should new technologies be enabled?” There were two obvious problems: people did not know how to use their software and digital technologies, and buyers and sellers did not know how to unlock the value of their investments and solutions. Fundamental change was needed.

The Shared Ecosystem Problem

The problem can easily be laid at the feet of the users, but, in reality, a whole ecosystem of users and developers creates the problem jointly. Buyers and sellers are caught in the middle, unable to unlock the value of their investments and solutions.

The Replaced Business Model

Technologies have evolved, but the approach to enablement has not. That means old world enablement methods are being applied to the new world of software and digital technologies. But modern software and digital technology are not supported by the traditional business model playbook of installation, (video) manuals, training, and help desk.

The Present-day Enablement Playbook

The industry needs to rethink the traditional install playbook to match the way we use software and digital technology today. A new playbook solution has to be created from the ground up. There’s a need for a solution portfolio that allows buyers and sellers to unlock the value of their investments and solutions.
Different Players, Different Perspectives

Users are asking, “What am I supposed to do with all this great stuff?” They feel frustrated and helpless; often, they don’t even know what they don’t know. Where’s the fun?



Developers are asking, “I built all this great stuff. Why is nobody using it?” They’re feeling frustrated, sometimes angry, and sometimes worried. They don’t get enough satisfaction from what they have created.


The buyers and sellers are caught in the middle.



Buyers are asking, “I bought all this great stuff, but why is nobody using it?” They feel disappointed, and they lose confidence in their decision.



Sellers are asking, “I’ve sold all this great stuff. Why is nobody using it?” Did they over-promise? Have they oversold? They start to worry and wonder about its value to the buyer.

The Traditional Playbook
The reality is painful: most organizations send out a bunch of emails, manuals, or videos that no one is going to open. The message is always the same: start using the software as per the directions, or press the question mark.  Nothing else is provided.


Lucky users can call a helpdesk or take a training course. Most often they are on their own, searching YouTube for guidance. There is no plan for enablement beyond the initial deployment.


The old playbook that supports yearly (or monthly, at best) updates doesn’t belong in a world with daily application updates (ongoing new versions, new feature enhancements, uninterrupted performance improvements, continuous workflow changes, bug fixes), user ratings, and in-app purchases.

A Playbook for the New Digital World
Enablement can’t be an afterthought. Users want help to be digitally empowered to reach their maximum potential. Developers have to develop with enablement in mind.


For buyers and sellers to stop worrying, enablement must be part of the solution from day one. Buying a digital technology on its own doesn’t solve the problem. Enablement is required—always!


Enablement has to include measurement, personalization, and fun. We see a future where enablement is built in by design from the very beginning of a product development and purchasing lifecycle.

Sparking the Digital Enablement Movement
When we started Nulia, we thought we were starting a solutions company. It turns out that we’re sparking the digital enablement movement—pioneering an exciting new category. Great breakthroughs never come from one company, but always from a community of people seeking advancement. Let’s go on this mission together.
Nulia's Why, How, What

To digitally empower people to reach their full potential.


Our mission:

  • Unlock the value for buyers and sellers.
  • Realize the potential for digital users.
  • Provide guidance for developers.



By changing the way users use, buyers buy, sellers sell, and developers develop digital technologies.


Our vision:

  • Digital transformation is possible only with digital enablement.



A portfolio of digital enablement solutions that gets users using their digital technology.


Our objectives:

  • Transform how users use by making them digital heroes.
  • Align the ecosystem by unifying users, buyers, sellers, and developers.