Nulia Works now includes Copilot for Microsoft 365. With this exciting addition to our Change as a Service solution, employees develop skills to use Copilot across Microsoft 365 in new and better ways, maximizing the value of Copilot & ALL of Microsoft 365.Discover more.

Change as a Service

Driving organizational change through Copilot & Microsoft 365 adoption

Maximizing employee productivity and unlocking the full value of Copilot & ALL of Microsoft 365

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Change as a Service for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Adoption is Stuck in the Pre-Digital Era

  • 60% of Microsoft 365 productivity benefits are at risk if the chosen adoption solution fails to drive lasting change
  • 70% of traditional adoption solutions fail, including training, so the productivity benefits of Microsoft 365 are not realized
  • 80% of employees continue to use duplicate, shadow IT apps because the adoption solution failed to get them using Microsoft 365​

Change as a Service is a Better Way

Change as a Service is a data-driven solution that proves real Microsoft 365 adoption is happening and organizational change is being realized and sustained. Powered by the Nulia Works platform and led by change management experts using our Circle of Nulia methodology, Change as a Service provides a brand-new way for organizations to unlock the full value of their Microsoft 365 investment, including Copilot & ALL of the apps included in the suite, while guiding their employees to develop the digital skills they need to realize their potential.


Change as a Service is a Must Have for your Bottom-Line

Providing up to a 11x Return on Investment

A Change as a Service solution saves organizations money as Microsoft 365 & Copilot adoption eliminates the need for duplicate IT apps, expensive Microsoft 365 training, and high-cost help desk support. Change as a Service is a highly scalable solution, powered by the Nulia Works platform, which cost effectively drives Microsoft 365 adoption and change in an employee’s natural flow of work.

Nulia Works Measure & Evaluate Pillar

A Change as a Service solution powered by Nulia Works continuously measures Microsoft 365 usage to determine employee progress in developing skills toward Microsoft 365 adoption. Nulia Works evaluates progress toward achieving organizational Outcomes which sustains change and unlocks business value from a Microsoft 365 investment.