Unlock the value.

Realize your potential.

The Digital Enablement in the flow of work

Providing a new approach to ACM—because traditional training, adoption, and change management are simply not enough

Nulia is a pioneer in Digital Enablement, getting users using their digital productivity suites to become more productive on a continuous and sustained basis. Because it is platform based, it supports a continuous system of personalization, measurement, and recognition. 

Our mission is to unlock the value of organizations’ digital productivity investments, driving skills development and behavioral change in the flow of work to create digital heroes. Our core belief is “Unlock the Value, Realize your Potential.”

We’re headquartered in Eugene, Oregon and have a European office in Dublin, Ireland.

Digital Enablement
The QuickStart Services are a fixed-priced, fixed-scope catalog of outcome-based products that are easy to consume, purchase, and schedule. With engaging instructor-led educational sessions combined with post-session consultation and guidance, QuickStart rewards users by getting them started immediately on their enablement journey.

Our Purpose

We bridge the gap between the perceived promise of digital productivity suites and the actual digital productivity, unlocking trapped value by getting users using. Because it’s all about doing.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of confronting digital productivity suites that we don’t know how to use, whether it’s workforce-related productivity suites or those specially designed for sales, marketing, HR, and more. Instead of being empowered and productive, we feel overwhelmed and ineffective. “I have all this great stuff, but what now?” 

In the context of Microsoft ACM
Digital Enablement within the Microsoft ecosystem is a specific form of platform-based ACM. It works in conjunction with other more traditional Microsoft curated training and change management practices. The difference is that true digital enablement is platform based, scalable, data driven, and personalized.​

Adoption is about technology acceptance, simply turning the software on. It is not about using the tooling or improving the productivity.​

Change Management is about overcoming employee resistance and driving desired behavioral change. The challenge is that it is very difficult to realize these outcomes without integrating a method of measuring success.

Our Heritage

Nulia was founded in 2017 by a group of seasoned experts and entrepreneurs out of the software migration, set up, and training space. After achieving success in earlier ventures, this group decided to join forces.

First-hand expertise in the SaaS cloud world, from services and support, from big data and gamification, had shone a light on a key challenge: users are frustrated by turning on their digital productivity suites and not knowing how to make the most of them. 

There is a familiar cry for help: “We buy all this great stuff, but what now? Where do we go from here? How do we get help?”

A Digital Hero
A Digital Hero is someone who is valued for continuously attaining and maintaining digital productivity skills in the flow of work, realizing their potential. ​

A Digital Hero is someone who overcomes the frustration of and resistance to using digital productivity suites by embracing them to the fullest and becoming more productive.​

​A Digital Hero is someone who continuously applies their digital productivity skills, confidence, and determination to reach their full potential.

Our Digital Natives

Together with our team of in-university students from universities in Eugene and Dublin, we’ve built the Nulia Works Platform. We believe that a towering problem in the digital productivity field can only be solved by involving digital natives to find genuinely groundbreaking solutions. 

Sparking the Digital Enablement Movement, Entering the Nulia World

When we started Nulia, we thought we were starting a digital enablement company. It turns out that we’re sparking a whole new Digital Enablement movement—pioneering an exciting new category. 

We believe great breakthroughs never come from one company, but always from a community of people seeking advancement. So, let’s go on this mission together. We have made great progress as a proud member of the ACM community, partnering with leading enterprises, SI’s, LSP’s, resellers, and the training community.

Welcome to the world of Nulia — sparking the Digital Enablement movement!