Creating Digital Heroes

Keeping Up with Digital Innovations

Today’s Gaps Are Driving Our Solution Portfolio

Investing in Digital Technologies is Simply Not Enough

Digital technology investments are not being made with enablement in mind. In the rare occasion where enablement is provided, there is no measurement, no personalization, and no reward or fun.

No Measurement

There are no quantified insights or measurement systems. No one knows where the users stand in their enablement journey. Users have no compass to guide them forward.

No Personalization

Nothing is personalized to a user’s specific needs. The content available, the methods, and the tools used for enablement are all generic. Enablement is oriented towards features and functions and is not about solving problems or improving performance.

No Reward, No Fun

Currently, the enablement journey is slow and not much fun. There is no reward system for users and no recognition of outcomes.

We Have a Better Way:
Nulia’s Digital Enablement Solution Portfolio

Learn and Use Features to Develop and Demonstrate Skills to Achieve Outcomes

We go way beyond training. Our approach is to change the way users use, sellers sell, buyers buy, and developers develop software and digital technology. We want to unify the ecosystem. With our portfolio of enablement solutions, we empower people to use software and digital technologies and become modern digital heroes.

Nulia QuickStart Services

The QuickStart Services are a fixed-priced, fixed-scope catalog of outcome-based products that are easy to consume, purchase, and schedule. With engaging instructor-led educational sessions combined with post-session consultation and guidance, QuickStart rewards users by getting them started immediately on their enablement journey.

Nulia TailorMade Services

The TailorMade Services are custom-designed solutions for larger on-going engagements. With these solutions, we create an outcome-driven and tailor-made enablement journey that meets the specific needs and requirements of the organization or department. Solution design can include profile-driven, personalized enablement that is fun and rewarding.

Nulia Enablement Playbook

Our services are powered by the Nulia Enablement Playbook, a set of managed activities driving successful change and transformation. With the enablement playbook, we create digital heroes by motivating them to enter a new digital world, guiding them to use new digital technologies, and returning them to their daily lives with improved digital skills.

The playbook addresses today’s enablement gap through:

  1. Measurement and Evaluation – We gather insights to measure where each user stands in their enablement journey. We use these insights to identify personalized digital transformation outcomes, providing the pathways needed to move them forward.
  2. Personalization and Guidance – Pathways guide users towards their digital transformation outcomes, with personalized activities, content, methods and tools. The pathways get users to learn features and functions to develop and demonstrate skills to achieve outcomes.
  3. Reward and Recognition – The Nulia enablement journey is fun and engaging. There is a reward system for users and recognition for achieving their outcomes.